Where can you buy microdosing capsules in Canada

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Microdosing: A New Treatment for Mental Health Issues? Microdosing is a new treatment that is being used to help mental health issues. This treatment is when you take a very small amount of a drug. Usually a psychedelic substance like LSD or magic mushrooms. It’s been used in psychedelic therapy for a long time. The […]

Microdosing and medication

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Psychedelic therapy is a type of therapy where people use drugs to help them open up. People who do psychedelic therapy call the drugs “medicine.” It’s because they think the drugs help them feel better. Psychedelic therapy is not new. In the 1800s, doctors used drugs like LSD and mushrooms to help their patients. Some […]

History of microdosing in canada

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Have you heard of the “stoned ape” theory? The history of microdosing psychedelics goes way back. According to Terence McKenna, psychedelic mushrooms caused our ancestors to eventually become human beings with language skills. Because they adapted so well during this period when things were getting drier. The North African continent became more grassland-like around 10 […]

Benefits of microdosing

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Not familiar with the term microdosing? It is the act of taking small doses of psychedelics. People do it to improve their mood, creativity, and focus. A lot of people say that microdosing can help with anxiety and depression. What is microdosing and how does it work for mental health? Microdosing is taking very small […]

Microdosing protocol Paul Stamets

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What is a microdosing protocol? A microdosing protocol is a set of usage guidelines. People who choose to microdose psilocybin use a dosing protocol of their choice. We’ll talk about psilocybin-containing mushrooms. We have the James Fadiman microdosing protocol and the microdosing protocol of Paul Stamets. It’s also called the Stamets stack. Stamets believes that […]

Microdosing protocol James Fadiman

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A microdosing protocol is a plan for taking tiny doses of psychedelic substances. To feel good, be more creative, or do better in life. What is a Microdosing Protocol? A microdose must be as low as one-tenth or one-twentieth of a regular or recreational dose of psilocybin mushrooms. People have started to go for microdosing […]

What is microdosing

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Microdosing is when you take a small dose of psychedelics. Psychedelic drugs are substances that change the way we think and see things. Microdosing psilocybin mushrooms are one way to get there. Microdosing provides physical and mental stimulation. Some people prefer a recreational dose over a microdose. Which is a larger dose of magic mushrooms. […]

Microdosing Canada


What is a Microdose of Magic Mushrooms? When you take a small quantity of a psychedelic drug, it’s called Microdosing. It has mild effects. It offers other benefits. Like increased creativity, focus, and feelings of well-being. People usually microdose with LSD or magic mushrooms. But it can also be done with other psychedelics like DMT […]

How To Stay Calm In the Chaos With Microdosing

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Our lives are a collection of chaotic events all colliding together in a 24 hour period. Nevermind that we spend 8 hours of it sleeping (most of us probably only sleep 4-6 hours anyways). This really means that during the 16-20 waking hours, we do our best to navigate our days with whatever fuel we […]

What You Need to Know About Psychedelic Therapy

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Psychedelic therapy (also called psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, PAP) is a method of diagnosing and treating mental and emotional disorders that involves ingestion of a psychedelic substance. Psychedelic therapy usually includes talk therapy combined with the use of psychedelics. Both clinical and nonclinical settings are currently using or researching psychedelic drugs for therapeutic purposes. Many of these […]