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Looking into microdosing but don’t want to commit big time? Our specially designed Minipacks are the perfect place to start for a curious beginner like you. Grab our Minipacks to sample all of our blends before you delve into it full-time.

Change Your life in 30-DAYS

Join our 30-Day Microdosify Experience

Formulated to Enhance

Clarity. Mood. Creativity. Focus. Productivity.

All NATURAL ingredients

Microdosify is committed to offering a premium organic product. Which means that we only use high quality, certified organic functional mushrooms in all of our blends. All our ingredients undergo intense testing to ensure the safety, purity, and presence of active compounds.
We believe in absolute transparency, and that’s why we include test results for all our ingredients.

What our customers experience

Microdosify starts working in around 30-minutes. First you may notice increased alertness. Sharper focus. Better recall and verbal fluidity.

Microdosify isn’t just another supplement company ...


We strongly believe in the power of plants to heal and transform lives. Microdosify is backed by science, personal experiences, and trust from thousands of people world wide.


Spiritual Growth

Experience a deeper connection with all things, while discovering a heightened sense of spirituality. Tune into your spiritual frequency through microdosing, meditation, mindfulness and introspection.

Self development

Microdosify isn’t an instant or magic pill, but it is an incredible tool for self development and personal growth. People who microdose often report profound positive changes in their lives. Start bringing change in your life by transforming your perspective.

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community-based support

When you Microdosify your life, you become part of a community of healing and growth. Tap into the Microdosify community on social media, or connect with one of our partner coaches or practitioners to receive additional support for your microdosing journey.
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