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Shroom Dosage Chart By Weight: Understanding Psilocybin Doses and Their Varied Effects

Magic mushrooms, commonly referred to as psilocybin mushrooms, possess the psychoactive substance psilocybin, leading to hallucinogenic effects upon consumption. These magical fungi hold historical significance in cultural and spiritual traditions, celebrated for their capacity to alter perception and consciousness. 

Recent scientific exploration indicates that the regulated and monitored use of magic mushrooms could potentially have therapeutic applications, particularly in addressing conditions such as depression and anxiety. 

Understanding Psilocybin Doses

Understanding shroom dosage is vital for a positive psychedelic encounter, given the significant variability in potency among mushroom species.

Psilocybin mushroom dosage can cause perceptual changes, mood alterations, and enhanced sensory experiences by interacting with serotonin receptors, according to Science Direct. While moderate, even small doses, may induce positive effects, improper use of shrooms can lead to risks like anxiety and impaired judgment.

Factors Influencing Magic Mushroom Dosage

Factors Influencing Magic Mushroom Dosage

Factors influencing the dosage of mushrooms can vary from individual to individual. The five factors influencing the potency of mushroom dosage are body weight, metabolism, sensitivity, shroom strain, and intended effects

  • Body Weight: The dosage of psilocybin mushrooms may need to be adjusted based on individual body weight, with heavier individuals potentially requiring a higher dose to achieve comparable effects to lighter individuals. This variation is attributed to the potential influence of body weight on the distribution and metabolism of psilocybin, contributing to differences in the overall psychedelic experience.
  • Metabolism: The dosage of psilocybin mushrooms can be impacted by individual differences in metabolism, affecting the rate at which the body metabolizes and processes psilocybin. Variations in metabolic rates may result in a faster conversion of psilocybin to its active form, psilocin, influencing the onset and duration of psychedelic effects. 
  • Sensitivity: The impact of an individual’s sensitivity on the dosage of psilocybin mushrooms is noteworthy, as heightened sensitivity often calls for lower doses to achieve the desired effects. Individuals with increased sensitivity may undergo more intense reactions to the psychoactive compound, influencing the optimal dosage for a balanced and safe psychedelic experience.
  • Shroom Strain: The dosage of psilocybin mushrooms is influenced by the unique characteristics of each strain, as varying levels of psilocybin and other psychoactive compounds are present in different strains. Different mushrooms like Chaga, Golden Teacher, and Reishi have varying effects. To ensure a safe and tailored psychedelic experience, it is important to consider the specific attributes of the chosen shroom strain when determining the appropriate dosage. 
  • Intended Effects: The dosage of mushrooms can be influenced by the intended effects, with individuals aiming for mild enhancements in creativity or mood opting for lower quantities, while those seeking intense psychedelic experiences may require higher doses. Tailoring the dosage based on the desired outcome is essential for a personalized and intentional mushroom experience.

What effects will different doses of psilocybin have?

The effects of psilocybin from magic mushrooms vary by dose, with a 1% psilocybin content used for calculation. A low dose of 1 gram (10 mg psilocybin) may produce euphoria and enhanced senses without full psychedelic effects.

A medium dose of 1.75 grams (17.5 mg psilocybin) can lead to noticeable psychedelic experiences, including visuals and synesthesia, without a complete loss of self.

A high dose of 3.5 grams (35 mg psilocybin) is likely to result in significant perceptual and cognitive distortions, making it a profound experience that requires a safe setting.

An ultra-high dose of 5 grams (50 mg psilocybin), known as a “heroic dose,” will likely lead to an overwhelming experience where one’s sense of self is lost. Recommended only for those with significant experience and a very safe environment.

Here’s a concise table summarizing the effects of different doses of psilocybin from magic mushrooms with a 1% psilocybin content:

Dose LevelAmount (grams)Psilocybin Content (mg)Expected Effects
Low110Euphoria, enhanced senses, vibrant colors, no full-blown psychedelic effects.
Medium1.7517.5Psychedelic effects, open- and closed-eye visuals, synesthesia, heavier euphoria, partial ego dissolution.
High3.535Euphoria, enhanced senses, vibrant colours, no full-blown psychedelic effects.
Ultra-High550Overwhelming experience, loss of sense of self, recommended only with significant experience and in a very safe environment.

How do you calculate how much psilocybin you can microdose?

How do you calculate how much psilocybin you can microdose?

To calculate how much psilocybin you can microdose, you must have a solid understanding of the potency of the mushrooms, usually expressed in milligrams of psilocybin per gram.

Beginners often begin with a fraction of the conventional recreational dose, typically ranging from 0.1 to 0.5 grams, and fine-tune the amount based on individual tolerance and sensitivity. 

It is important to approach microdosing cautiously, incrementally adjusting the dosage to discover the ideal amount that offers subtle benefits without triggering hallucinogenic effects.

Learn more about microdosing scheduling here: Magic Mushroom Microdosing Schedule

What Happens When You Take Overdose Shrooms?

When you take an overdose of shrooms or psilocybin-containing mushrooms, it can result in heightened hallucinations, severe anxiety, confusion, paranoia, and even episodes of psychosis.

In more critical situations, individuals may face elevated risks such as increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, and elevated body temperature, potentially leading to organ failure and life-threatening complications.

How do you find the right Microdose that works for you?

To find the right microdose that works for you, follow five essential steps such as acquiring the substance for microdosing, initiating the first dose, observing and relaxing during the experience, fine-tuning the dose if necessary, and establishing a sustainable microdosing routine. 

  • Acquiring the Substance for Microdosing: Begin by sourcing high-quality psychedelic mushrooms from a trusted and reputable supplier, ensuring they are free from contaminants and accurately identified. Choose a well-known strain, like Psilocybe cubensis, and be aware of the legal implications surrounding the possession and use of these substances in your locality.
  • Initiating the First Dose: Commence with an extremely low dose, typically ranging from 0.1 to 0.5 grams of dried mushrooms, to minimize the risk of acute effects while gauging individual sensitivity. Consume the microdose on a day when you have minimal responsibilities, facilitating the observation of its impact without external pressures.
  • Observing and Relaxing During the Experience: Set up a serene and comfortable environment to enhance self-awareness during the microdosing experience. Maintain a personal journal to document mood changes, energy levels, and any noticeable cognitive enhancements or challenges throughout the day.
  • Fine-tuning the Dose If Necessary: Gradually adjust the dose in subsequent sessions, making minor changes (e.g., +/- 0.1 grams) to refine the optimal microdose for your unique physiology. Pay close attention to subtle shifts in perception and mood, avoiding significant dose increases to prevent unintended psychedelic effects.
  • Establishing a Sustainable Microdosing Routine: Set a consistent dosing schedule, typically every 2-4 days, to maintain therapeutic benefits while minimizing the development of tolerance. Regularly reassess your microdosing regimen and consider breaks to prevent potential long-term effects, ensuring continued efficacy without compromising well-being. 

Shroom Strain Chart

The shroom strain chart presents the dosage of different shrooms based on different dosage types such as microdose, threshold, light, medium, strong, and heavy.

Types of ShroomMicrodose(Dried and Fresh)Threshold (Dried and Fresh)Light (Dried and Fresh)Medium (Dried and Fresh)Strong (Dried and Fresh )Heavy (Dried and Fresh)
Psilocybe Cubensis0.1-0.2g and 1-2g0.25g    and 2.5g 0.25-1g and 2.5-10g1-2.5g and 10-25g 2.5-5g and 25-30g 50+g 
McKenna0.075-0.15g and 0.75-1.5g0.2g and 2g0.2-0.75g and 2-7.5g0.75-2g and 7.5-20g 2-4g and 20-40g 4+g and 40+g
Golden Teachers 0.1-0.2g and 1-2g0.25g and 2g 0.25-1g and 2.5-10g1-2.5g and 10-25g2.5-5g and 25-50g 5+g and 50+g
Psilocybe Azurescens0.075-0.15g and 0.75-1.5g 0.2g and 2g0.2-0.5g and 2-5g0.5-1.75g and 5-17.5g1.75-2.5g and 17.5- 25g2.5+g and 25+g
Psilocybe Mexicana0.15-0.25g and 1.5-2.5g 0.3g and 3g0.3-1.25g and 3-12.5g1.25-2.75g and 12.5-27.5g2.75-5g and 27.5-50g5+g and 50+g
Psilocybe Cyanescens 0.075-0.15g and 0.75-1.5g 0.2g and 2g0.2-0.65g and 2-6.5g 0.65-1.5g and 6.5-15g1.5-3.3g and 15-33g3.3+g and 33+g
Psilocybe Tampanensis0.125-0.2g and 1.25g 0.25g and 2.5g 0.25-0.75g and 2.5-7.5g 0.75-2g and 7.5-20g2-4.45g and 24-44.5g 4.5+g and 45+g

Now, psilocybin mushroom capsules are also available in the form of standard packs, mini packs, mini doses, and gummies, which can be found in the Microdosify Shop. These products are custom-made for every individual with special needs and requirements. 


How should a first-time microdoser start taking magic mushrooms?

The first-time microdose should start taking magic mushrooms with precise measurements, such as 0.1-0.5 grams of dried magic mushrooms, adhere to a consistent schedule, and ensure a supportive environment, all while being mindful of individual sensitivities.

How can you determine your tolerance to psilocybin mushrooms?

You can determine your tolerance to psilocybin mushrooms by beginning with a small dose, evaluating personal sensitivity, and progressively adjusting based on individual reactions to minimize potential risks and optimize the psychedelic experience.

How long does it typically take for magic mushrooms to take effect?

It typically takes 20 – 40 minutes for magic mushrooms to take effect after ingestion. 

What is the safest microdosing protocol?

The safest micro-dosing protocol depends on the substance, but generally, it starts with a low dose (e.g., 1/10th of a standard dose) and is adjusted based on individual responses.

Learn more about microdosing protocols here: Microdosing Protocols with Psilocybin

Final Thoughts

Microdosing magic mushrooms with proper guidance can enhance your cognitive function, improve focus, and boost creativity. However, for the sake of harm reduction, it’s always recommended to consult with a medical professional before starting microdosing.

It is important to choose a comfortable and safe dosage when taking magic mushrooms. Start with a very small dose and then gradually move to a medium dose. It is also recommended to avoid using them if you are feeling negative or stressed.


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