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Where to Buy Psilocybin Capsules in Canada (2024)?

Are you curious about where to find microdosing capsules in Canada with confidence in their safety and quality? Venturing into physical stores might leave you questioning the credibility of what you’re purchasing, and sourcing from an anonymous seller on Telegram can feel, well… shady (because it is).

However, a reputable online platform offers a secure and straightforward solution. This article explores:

  • Options for purchasing microdosing capsules in Canada
  • How to verify the validity of an online store
  • Provide you with tips for making your purchase safely without getting scammed

If you’ve been worried about safety, quality, and avoiding scams, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

Where Can I Buy Psilocybin Microdosing Capsules in Canada?

Where Can I Buy Psilocybin Microdosing Capsules in Canada?

As microdosing grows in popularity, so are the options for sourcing your psilocybin microdoses: from mushroom dispensaries in Vancouver, to anonymous sellers on social media, including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and online stores.

Here’s the scoop on each one:

Mushroom Dispensaries in Vancouver, Canada

Can you find decent microdosing capsules at a Vancouver dispensary? Maybe, but for now, we wouldn’t recommend buying microdosing capsules at a storefront in Canada. Here’s why:

Some proponents of psychedelic healing have started taking a bold stand for what they believe in, with dozens of mushroom dispensaries opening in Vancouver, Canada in recent years. However, police are raiding these storefronts and shutting them down just as quickly as they’re opening. 

And while the array of microdosing products can make you feel like you’ve won a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s candy factory, ensuring the quality, sustainability, and ingredients in such an array of unregulated goods is next to impossible. 

To make it worth the risk, sellers are incentivized to sell stock as quickly as possible before a potential raid – meaning your well-being isn’t their highest priority.

Additionally, while it may feel thrilling to check out a mushroom dispensary, less than 10% of Canadians live in Vancouver. That means this questionable option isn’t even available for most of Canada

Anonymous Sellers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Buying microdosing capsules from anonymous sellers on social media is the best way to get scammed. We can’t recommend this option at all. Here’s how it happens:

You’re interested in learning about psychedelics, so you follow a few reputable platforms like Psychedelics Today and Microdosing Institute on social media. After all, education is paramount to responsible psychedelic use.

However, next time you open Instagram, your follower count has doubled with accounts named “ShroomyTriyp”,”MycoBob”, and “Terrence_Mckenna_itsreallyhim” (spoiler alert, it’s not really him – RIP Terrence Mckenna).

Here’s what happens next: You click their link in bio which takes you to an anonymous Telegram account. You tell them what you want, send over a payment and your address and then you sit back and relax.

Weeks later, you still haven’t received your microdosing capsules. When you go to send a message on Instagram, the account has been removed and you realize you’ve been scammed.

That’s a crappy way to spend your hard earned money, and you deserve better than that.

Here are some tips to avoid scam microdosing social media accounts:

  • Their handle name has spelling errors.
  • Their link in the bio goes to a telegram account instead of a reputable website.
  • Their posts include stolen content from an array of reputable psychedelic accounts, sprinkled with photos of mushrooms and other substances (usually being held in hand wearing a black glove)
  • Inconsistency and lack of branding.
  • Pretending to be a well-known figure such as Paul Stamets or Terrence Mckenna, reincarnated.
  • They reach out to you first via a random DM.

Your safest bet, though – don’t even consider buying microdosing capsules in Canada from a strange social media account.


This is the best option for purchasing microdosing capsules in Canada. It’s much safer than buying via social media or from a Vancouver storefront. Most online retailers offer safety via the following avenues:

  • Offer discreet shipping anywhere in Canada for your microdosing capsules
  • Are only selling one brand (their own), and therefore can share details on quality and dose
  • They know you won’t order again if you don’t have a great experience the first time. This incentivizes them to prioritize and be invested in your well-being.
  • Have the ability to host public reviews, so you can see what others think before you buy

But how can you verify the validity, safety, and quality of an online supplier of microdosing capsules in Canada? In the next section, we’ll give you our best tips for choosing an online store.

What to look for when buying Microdosing Capsules online in Canada

What to look for when buying Microdosing Capsules online in Canada

Here are the top six things you should look for: transparency of product ingredients and dose, visibility of reviews, availability of education and other support, access to customer support, shipping procedure, and clearly outlined microdosing risks.

Product Transparency: 

  • Does the supplier mention what psilocybin strain they use in their microdosing capsules?
  • Do they clearly list out any other ingredients and the purpose of them?
  • Is the dose clearly mentioned on the label?

Visibility of Reviews:

  • Can you view customer reviews of the microdosing capsules?
  • Are all of the reviews 5 stars? This could question the authenticity.
  • Does the company respond to any of the reviews?

Education and Other Support:

  • Does the online shop offer education on how to use their product safely and responsibly?
  • Do they offer other forms of education to help you get the most out of your microdosing experience, such as detailed blogs or a microdosing 101 guide?
  • Do they offer coaching or integration support for those who need it?

Access to Customer Support:

  • Is there an email address or contact form to submit questions, if needed?

Shipping Details:

  • Is the shipping policy clearly outlined, including how long it will take for you to receive your product?
  • Do they offer discreet shipping or mention discreet shipping?
  • Do they offer package tracking?

Clearly Outline Microdosing Risks:

  • Here’s a truth some companies don’t want you to hear: microdosing isn’t for everyone. Bummer, we know, but is the company upfront about this?
  • Do they list microdosing risks or contraindications anywhere on their website?

Why Should You Buy Magic Mushroom Capsules Online in Canada from Microdosify?

Ok, we’re biased, but your safety and well-being is our top priority. Here’s how we make sure you’re supported and safe:

Transparency of product ingredients and dose

All of our microdosing blends (except for Illuminate) contain our favorite mushroom stack of Golden Teachers and Lion’s Mane. Each product has a different dose of Golden Teachers so that you can choose an experience aligned with your intentions. We provide a clear breakdown of the dose in each product here. You deserve to be able to make the most informed buying decision possible.

We source and cultivate our mushrooms locally, employing safe, sustainable, and organic farming methods. Whenever a product isn’t locally available, we source it from trusted partners who share our commitment to ethical practices. (you can learn more in our FAQs)

Visibility of Reviews

Each of our microdosing products contain reviews from real customers! We’ve definitely received some critical feedback, and we’ve even left it up for you to see (microdosing, unfortunately, doesn’t make you an infallible human, and we still make mistakes).

Here’s an example of some critical feedback from Emallee:

Visibility of Reviews

Thanks for helping us improve, Emallee. We heart you.

Education and Other Support:

Nothing lights our team up more than teaching others how to microdose responsibly. We love it so much that we provide yearly stipends for our team members to participate in education from organizations such as Microdosing Institute. Our microdosing 101 guide is a great place to start learning, and we nerd out in our blog and instagram.

Need a little extra support? We offer free community-led integration circles weekly. Yep, totally free. Consider it our way of showing how much we love you.

Access to Customer Support

Questions about your order? Want to tell us how microdosing has impacted your life? Just want to say hey? You’ll get a response from a real human when you connect with us at

Shipping Procedure

We offer free shipping on orders over 199 CAD, 20 CAD flat fee under. 

Orders and payment confirmation cutoff is 11:00 am PST. Confirmed payments and items deposited after cut-off of that business day (3:00pm PST) are sent the following business day.

Your package is discreet, and arrives looking like just another piece of mail. Boring, we know, but you know what they say – safety first, explorer!

You’ll be able to track your package as it makes its way to your door.

Clearly Outlined Risks

It’s the first thing we cover in our Microdosing 101 Guide.

Final Thoughts: Buy Microdosing Mushrooms Safely

Safety, quality, and your privacy are important when buying microdosing capsules in Canada. Buying online ensures all three and is much safer than buying in a storefront or from social media.

When choosing an online retailer look for transparency of product ingredients and dose, visibility of reviews, availability of education and other support, access to customer support, shipping procedure, and clearly outlined microdosing risks.

Here at Microdosify, we’re all about bringing ease and precision to your microdosing journey with our carefully measured capsules, each designed for specific benefits. Your privacy? It’s at the top of our list. That’s why we guarantee discreet packaging with every order, so you can explore the world of microdosing with complete peace of mind.

Welcome to the Microdosify family, where self-discovery and privacy go hand in hand!

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By Rachel Grey

I’m Rachel Grey, a Ph.D. psychologist specializing in psychedelic therapy with psilocybin and natural plant medicines. I obtained my doctorate from the University of Toronto, where I immersed myself in the study of these transformative therapies. With over 10 years of experience, let’s embark on transformative journeys of healing, growth, and self-discovery as we explore the power of psychedelic therapy together.

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