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1 hour coaching call

1 Hour Coaching Call

This coaching call is designed to provide personalized 1:1 support specific to you and your microdosing journey.   Our goal with this call is to provide as much value as possible for your questions, discuss any lifestyle changes you may need to make to support your microdosing practice, set your goals, and put together a structured 30 Day Microdosing Plan for how you will achieve your goals. The focus of our coaching calls is creating lasting mental health benefits through microdosing as a healing modality that fits into your overall wellness plan.   You’ll be meeting via Zoom with one of our certified Health Coaches trained in the mental health space and well versed in psychedelic therapy modalities.   You’ll also walk away with additional resources (documents, book recommendations, a Microdosing tracker) that will support you depending on your specific goals.   Please note: Microdosify cannot provide legal or medical advice. For support on starting, pausing or stopping any prescription medication please work with a licensed physician.   Should you have any questions before purchasing, feel free to send an email to spaces@microdosify.com!

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