Who we are

our comand

Microdosify isn’t some big pharmaceutical company, nor is it a group of passionate mushroom advocates.

Microdosify is really only one man on a mission to share his experience of healing and rebirth after suffering from two decades of depression. I am a suicide survivor turned entrepreneur and I founded this company because I genuinely believe the world needs healing now more than ever. Each year, the rate of mental illnesses and suicides increases, and with Covid-19 ravaging our society today, there is a mental health crisis like we’ve never seen before. I firmly believe the power of plants can help our society begin healing and the time is now.

my story

Growing up, I endured relentless bullying at the hands of my peers and even by my own family. My suicidal thoughts and depression started when I was eleven and for nearly two decades I walked around with a dark cloud over my head. In an effort to find acceptance, I tried to become someone I wasn’t which ultimately led me to my troubled teenage and young adult years and further sinking me deeper into despair.

Depression would ultimately consume me and at the age of 25 I tried to take my own life and a few years later, I tried again. 

I discovered the healing power of mushrooms shortly after my last suicide attempt, either by luck or divine intervention. It was a blissful moment of hope and self-love that I had nearly forgotten after years of self-loathing. I can honestly say, mushrooms saved my life, and like countless others around the world who have experienced life-changing healing with the help of psychedelics, I want to share my journey with you, so that you may find some hope and healing too.

Mush Love.....