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Standard Pack

Microdosify offers three standard packs of microdosing supplements containing different blends of functional mushrooms containing Psilocybe Cubensis. These shroom capsules are designed to provide the benefits of microdosing without the negative psychedelic effects commonly associated with psilocybin mushrooms.


Why should you buy the Microdosify Standard Pack?

Microdosify Calm promotes mindfulness, enhances focus, alleviates stress, anxiety, and depression, supports stress reduction, empowers mood, and provides a lasting state of emotional balance and inner peace.


Microdosify Create sparks a surge of creativity, uplifts your spirits, promotes mental clarity, enhances concentration, boosts your mood and energy levels, and cultivates a sense of enduring emotional equilibrium.


Microdosify Focus deepens spiritual connection, enhances focus, creativity, and mood elevation, gently lifts mood and energy levels, enhances meditation, fosters self-understanding, and strengthens relationships.


All Microdosify products are carefully formulated to deliver enhanced cognitive function so you can be your best self.


  • If you are the Overwhelmed Professional who seeks relaxation and inner peace or the Overthinker who seeks inner quiet and a positive mindset, buy Microdosify Calm.
  • If you are a Creative Entrepreneur or Artist who seeks creativity and productivity, buy Microdosify Create
  • If you are a Spiritual person who seeks deeper focus, a Relationship Enhancer who seeks better connection, or a Personal Growth Enthusiast who seeks positive change, buy Microdosify Focus


Fast and discreet shipping is available all over Canada, and secure and reliable payment options are offered. Microdosify is a natural and effective way to enhance your mind and well-being. Order your pack today and start experiencing the benefits of microdosing.


Here are 5 potential benefits of Microdosify Standard Packs:

  1. Reduced stress and anxiety
  2. Alleviated symptoms of depression
  3. Enhanced creativity
  4. Improved focus
  5. Greater sense of well-being

Unsupervised microdosing can cause negative effects like anxiety and migraines. Psilocybin is illegal under federal law in Canada for recreational use and is classified as a Schedule I controlled substance. It is important to be aware of the risks before considering microdosing psilocybin mushrooms.

The main ingredients of Microdosify Standard Packs are Lion’s Mane and Golden Teachers Mushroom. These magical fungi are proven for their therapeutic benefits and have been used since ancient times for holistic medicine. Both of these products are used in a microdose so that you can enjoy all the benefits of microdosing shrooms without worrying about side effects.

Yes, all 3 products in Microdosify Standard Packs are safe for adults to consume.

The optimal dosage is 1 capsule a day.

You can take these capsules any time of the day.